Napa Valley Day Trip

A Napa Valley Day Trip From San Francisco

Staying in San Francisco for several days on vacation? Or, perhaps you are fortunate enough to live in that beautiful city by the Bay. What better way to spend the day than to drive to the Napa Valley Wine country.

If you are vacationing in San Francisco, you are probably staying at a hotel and will want to enjoy a leisurely breakfast before you set out for the Napa Valley. A departure time around 10:00AM would probably be ideal.

Rush hour traffic has thinned out in San Francisco by mid-morning, and you should have an easy drive north into Wine Country. At that time, it should take a little more than 90 minutes to get to the Wine Country once you leave San Francisco. If you delay your trip until after 2:00PM, give yourself an extra hour to get to Napa Valley because of increased traffic.

The route that we will suggest will start by taking you over the Golden Gate Bridge. This is a much more scenic route than going over the Bay Bridge and will get you to your first destination in wine country, Calistoga, in about the same time as the Bay Bridge route.

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