Napa Valley Day Trip

Entering Napa Valley

Your drive on Highway 101 will continue for about 50 minutes, through Petaluma and Santa Rosa.   You will want to exit at “River Road”, which is the last Santa Rosa exit. You are now less than 30 minutes from the Napa Valley. At the end of the exit, turn right onto Mark West Springs Road which will turn into a scenic country road. You will continue on this road for about 10 miles. Cell phone service is almost non-existent on this portion of the trip, so if you need to make a call, make it immediately as you exit Highway 101.

Mark West Road ends at a T section. At the T section, turn left onto Petrified Forest Road. You will follow this road for about four miles. You will pass the Petrified Forest on your left, and soon descend into the Napa Valley. As you descend, your views will be spectacular—the Napa Valley spreads out before you, and on your left you will see Mount St. Helena. When the road ends at the bottom of the hill, make a right. (There will be a gas station on your right if you need to fill-up.) You will now be on Highway 128, also known as Foothill Boulevard.

Drive for about a mile, and make a left turn into Calistoga at the flashing red light. Welcome to the Napa Valley. In Calistoga, and you will have your choice of wineries, spas, and restaurants—the best of the Napa Valley lifestyle.

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