Mud Baths for Couples at Golden Haven

At Golden Haven, couples can enjoy the mud baths together, and a “couple” is any two people who want to experience the mud baths together. And, although we offer couples mud baths, we also welcome solo guests, and can even accommodate up to three people in the same treatment room.

The Mud Bath Experience is currently unavailable due to COVID-19. 

For over 100 years the hot mineral water and mud baths have been a Calistoga tradition. At Golden Haven you can experience the Calistoga Mud Bath in your own private treatment room. The Mud is a mixture of clay, peat, and hot mineral water. All 3 of these ingredients are known for their traditional health giving properties. This creates the warm, soothing mixture in our popular mud baths. The Golden Haven Mud Bath Experience is an hour-long treatment. Let the Mud melt your stress away!

Mud Bath

Your Mud Bath has just been heated and mixed and is ready to go to be enjoyed as a couple, with your friends, or solo.

Facial Mask

Your Mud Bath is paired with a cool facial mask and ice cold compresses for a complete relaxation experience


After a mineral water shower, you will soak in hot mineral water and enjoy an icy glass of cucumber water

Blanket Wrap

After soaking, the best way to cool down is snuggled in a warm blanket with soft music, along with aromatherapy and the glow of a salt lamp.

Mineral Bath

Don’t want to get muddy? (oh, come'on it's fun!) Enjoy the therapeutic mineral water without getting into the mud. We offer the Herbal Mineral Bath (HMB) as an alternative. Lavender bath salts are added as you soak in soothing hot mineral water, followed by relaxing in the blanket wrap. HMB's are available for couples, or can be enjoyed while your partner does the mud bath in the same room, at the same time.