Massage at Golden Haven

Massage promotes relaxation and general well-being. We offer a 75-minute Deluxe Full Body Massage for ultimate relaxation and release of tension. We also offer a 45-minute Full Body Massage. Deep Tissue Massage and Foot Reflexology are also available.

(707) 942-8000
45-minute Full Body Massage $145.00
75-minute Deluxe Full Body Massage $199.00
45-minute Deep Tissue Full Body Massage $175.00
75-minute Deep Tissue Full Body Massage $249.00

All prices are per person. 72-hour cancellation required.

  • ** Must be at least 18 years of age to receive a massage **

Enjoy this innovative, non-human contact form of massage. As you lay on the Hydro Massage table, water pressure is used to massage the body while you are fully clothed - you will not get wet. A Hydro Massage session is 20 minutes. This treatment is available for singles as well as couples. Two people can enjoy it in the same room at the same time.

20-Minute Hydro Massage*

$39.00 per person

$59.00 per couple

*Does not include pools use

Hydro Massage & Mineral Pool Access Package


$65.00 per person

$99.00 per couple

You will have a 3 hour access pass to the mineral pools.

Soak before your hydro massage, after, or both!

*Package not available on Friday or Saturday

Call to book your Massage now! (707) 942-8000