Napa Valley Day Trip

Return to San Francisco or the Airport

Your journey back to San Francisco will take you south on Highway 29. About a mile past Mustards, the 2-lane road becomes a 4-lane divided highway with occasional traffic lights.   Continue on highway 29 through the outskirts of Napa and over a bridge spanning the Napa River. Stay on Highway 29 for about 15 minutes until Highway 37.

At the intersection of Highway 37 you have a choice. You can make a right and head west, back to Highway 101.  When you reach 101, you will go south, and return to San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Alternatively, you can make a left at Highway 37 and head east, which takes you to Interstate Highway 80. You will then take 80 West, back to San Francisco over the Bay Bridge. If you are returning to your San Francisco hotel, be sure you ask the hotel for directions from the Bay Bridge before you leave on your trip to Napa.

If you need to fly back home that evening, take the Bay Bridge route. This will put you in the best position to go directly to either the Oakland Airport or the San Francisco Airport.

If you are flying out of San Francisco Airport, go over the Bay Bridge and connect to Highway 101 South, toward San Jose. Highway 101 will take you to the airport in about 20 minutes. Alternatively, if you are flying out of the Oakland airport, you will not go over the Bay Bridge. Instead follow the signs to the Oakland Airport which you will see as you near the Bay Bridge.

We hope that you enjoyed your day in Napa Valley and that next time you might consider coming for the night!