Mud Baths for Couples at Golden Haven

At Golden Haven, couples can enjoy the mud baths together, and a “couple” is any two people who want to experience the mud baths together. And, although we offer couples mud baths, we also welcome solo guests, and can even accommodate up to three people in the same treatment room.

The Mud Bath Experience

The mud bath experience at Golden Haven involves three steps:  the mud bath, the hot mineral jacuzzi and the blanket wrap.  Your personal spa attendant will guide you through all of the steps while maintaining your privacy. 

The combination of clay, peat and hot springs mineral water in the mud bath relaxes muscles and joints, detoxifies, and leaves the skin soft and renewed.   While you relax, your attendant will apply a clay facial mask and a cold compress.  The mud bath will be followed by a hot springs shower and refreshing soak in your private jacuzzi that uses the natural hot springs water that comes from the geothermal aquifer under our spa.  

You will next be escorted to one of our blanket wrap rooms. Here you will relax as you take in our soothing aromatherapy. You will cool down, with the scent of lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oils, and maybe even drift off to a blissful sleep. This will be your last step of the mud bath experience, but if have booked a massage or herbal facial, you will be taken by your massage therapist to the spa treatment room.

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Mud Bath, Hot Springs Mineral Jacuzzi, and Blanket Wrap (one hour)

Herbal Mineral Bath—Steps 4 & 5 (one hour) $75*/85
Hot Tub (30 minutes) $55*/65

* These reduced prices apply Mon.-Thur. from November 15 through March 15, excluding holiday periods.  All prices are per person. 24 hour cancellation required.

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