Group Reservations Policy

Golden Haven Hot Springs in Calistoga, Napa Valley, is pleased to offer group spa and hotel services. A "group" is 6 or more persons booking spa services or one person booking 3 or more hotel rooms.

AVAILABILITY OF GROUP RESERVATIONS FOR SPA TREATMENTS: Group reservations for spa treatments can be made Sunday- Friday, excluding holiday periods. Reservations can also be made on Saturdays, provided that the group begins their treatments before 11:00 a.m., and that everyone in the group will be doing spa treatments that include a mud bath or herbal mineral bath.

AVAILABILITY OF GROUP RESERVATIONS FOR HOTEL RESERVATIONS: We can accommodate group reservations for hotel rooms Sunday-Thursday, excluding holiday periods. We cannot accommodate group reservations for hotel rooms any Friday or Saturday.

CONDITIONS APPLYING TO GROUP RESERVATIONS: One of our Group Coordinators will handle your reservation. The group coordinator will make arrangements with you for advance payment for the entire group reservation by one credit card or money order. Group reservations require that we block off a substantial amount of our services. Therefore, once advance payment is made, we are unable to provide a refund or allow for cancellation of all or any part of the reservation. However, if you must cancel all or part of your reservation, we will provide you with a gift certificate for the amount canceled that you can use within a year.

BOOKING: If you would like to book a reservation, please call 707-942-8000. We look forward to welcoming your group at Golden Haven.