Napa Valley Fall and Winter Weather

FALL in the Napa Valley provides the most incredible kaleidoscope of color one could imagine. The grapevines literally explode with every color of the rainbow while the birch, elm and liquid amber trees add lacy accents to the edges of town and vineyard. The average temperature in October is 80 degrees with nights in the upper 40's and 50's. Perfect weather by any standard! With the vivid fall color Napa is never more alive than in autumn.

If you are coming from outside California, you will probably be surprised to learn that September and October can often have periods where temperatures reach into the 90’s during the day. Indeed, these months are the warmest of the year in San Francisco, as the periods of fog are usually brief, giving a chance for the temperature to warm during the day. For this reason, and because there are fewer tourists, the fall is often the preferred season for travelers to plan their wine country getaway.

WINTER brings rain to the Napa Valley and some chilly temperatures Usually the days of wet weather are few, followed by crisp and clear blue skies with a touch of winter sun. By chilly, of course, we are talking by California standards, which means that daytime temperatures can exceed 50, and often reach into the 60’s. Temperatures rarely go below freezing, and the warmest clothing you will usually need is a sweater and a raincoat. If you can come to the Napa Valley in the Winter, it may become your favorite time to visit the wine country as the traffic is usually the lightest, and many hotels feature excellent discount specials.

Whatever the season, make Calistoga, your Napa Valley destination. You will be delighted by the temperate climate and the limitless possibilities. Whether you fancy a winery tour, a mud bath, fine dining, or all of the above, come visit! We're waiting for you!