Sattui Castle in Napa Valley—Tuscany in California Wine Country

This castle, true to medieval tradition, shows the constant restoration, changing architectural styles, and never ending refurbishing.  It often took generations to continuously build a castle; Daryl's took only a mere 15 years or so, along with 170 container loads of timbers, bricks and metal work all hand-done over an open fire in Tuscany, just as they would have 800 years ago.

As the tour begins, you make your way through dimly lit stairways, lightly stepping over the many and varied hand made steps and stones, so hold tight to the chiseled timber rails.  Very quickly though, you feel as though you just winged your way into Napa Valley heaven above ground, breathing in the grand sweeping views every castle must have to watch for possible invaders.

Moving on, you enter the Grand Hall, where our guide asked that we simply say, "Wow", which we did enthusiastically. This is the vast VIP entertainment room, complete with frescoes all around, hand made table and wooden chairs with crosses carved into the backs, and the authentic hand-made Sattui family crest near the grand fireplace.

Next, it's onto the 121,000 square feet of underground cellars and 900 linear feet of caves, which took 10 years to construct.  The Roman cross vault architecture, displaying arches alone to hold the 14-foot ceiling structure intact, is simply astounding. Next, you'll descend into the grisly dungeon, complete with an ancient Iron Maiden, bottomless pit, and other torture chamber devices of yonder years. 

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