Napa Valley Trip Planner

Planning a Napa Valley day trip from San Francisco? Want to learn about the Napa Weather, Michelin restaurants in Napa Valley, or planning to visit the Sattui Castle? We have the information here.

San Francisco

Many of our spa guests visit us during a day trip from San Francisco to the Napa Valley. To help you plan a perfect day trip from San Francisco to Napa, we have created a step-by-step guide that includes driving directions and suggestions for stops during your tour. You will have a wonderful time!

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Napa Valley Weather

The weather in Napa Valley is delightful during all seasons. Our Mediterranean climate is almost perfect, and from April to October you are almost assured of sunny skies, warm temperatures, and little if any rain. We have included general weather information to help you plan your trip, including monthly temperature and rainfall averages.

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Napa Valley Dining

There is so much to choose from during your stay in Napa Valley! We have information for you on Sattui Calistoga Castle.