Napa Valley Weather Napa Valley May Weather


May in the Napa Valley gives visitors a taste of summer and spring all at once with some days of very warm daytime temperatures and some fairly chilly nights. You can enjoy a beautiful day with a bike tour of the upper valley and an intimate dinner for two at one of our world famous restaurants. Be sure to reserve an overnight stay and take full advantage of the relaxation the Napa Valley has to offer.

Although it is still spring, May in Napa Valley often feels like summer has begun. In May 2005, for example, high temperatures were generally in the 70’s with the temperature reaching 84 degrees one day. Rainfall is practically non-existent in May.  The days are warm with hardly a cloud in the blue sky.

In May, the average temperature in Calistoga is 64 degrees, with an average high of 78, and an average low of 46 degrees. The average rainfall in Calistoga for May is 1.4 inches.  Make sure to make your reservations early for a beautiful Memorial Day weekend in the Napa Valley.