Napa Valley Weather Napa Valley August Weather


During the summer months, and especially in August, the temperatures in the Napa Valley vary greatly from those in San Francisco. While one may experience chilly foggy days and nights in San Francisco during the summer, a short drive to the Napa Valley will reward you with average daytime temperatures in the 90's with very temperate nights

In August, the average temperature in Calistoga is 72 degrees, with an average high of 91, and an average low of 52 degrees. The average rainfall in Calistoga for August is 0.1 inches, with the last August rainfall recorded in 1997. Visitors from the East will immediately notice that the air is dry, and rarely humid.

In the town of Napa, the average temperature in August is 68 degrees, while the average high is 81 degrees and the average low temperature is 54 degrees. The average rainfall for August is 0.1 inches. Temperatures and rainfall in Yountville and Oakville, several miles north of Napa, would be roughly the same as in Napa.

August in the Wine Country means summer and with it a tapestry of beautiful green hues as the grapevines mature, and we look forward to welcoming you.